The Boyne area’s top quality publication with a full-year of circulation

We know the pandemic has impacted you in major ways. In times like this, the first dollars a company usually cuts is from the advertising budget. This is a big mistake. Advertising in hard times is actually a smart business decision to preserve and grow your business, both now and in the future. This is an important year to advertise. Our Directory is an excellent way to promote and publicize your business.

Print and digital

Two Editions — One Price!

Used by your customers

  • Well written, beautifully illustrated, full-color, magazine style
  • Designed for easy use and readability
  • One low cost gives you a full-year of building brand retention and potential sales

Used by the Chamber of Commerce to

  • Stimulate interest in the area and fulfill information requests
  • Provide visitors and residents with a useful buyer’s guide to local businesses
  • Promote the area business community both inside and outside of the region
  • As an economic development tool and an aid in workforce development
  • As a business-to-business sales tool

Year long distribution adds value and exposure!

15,000 print copies, in addition to thousands of digital views per month.

Stimulates community interest and provides business information

  • 15,000 high quality print copies as well as an interactive digital edition
  • Useful buyer’s guide to local business and industry
  • The Chamber’s premier publication to promote  workforce development, business recruitment and retention

Extensive and highly targeted distribution

  • Visitors to the Boyne area
  • Full Chamber membership
  • Business prospects
  • Information requests
  • Governmental agencies
  • Newcomer packets
  • Educational and financial institutions
  • Chamber events
  • Digital edition available on the Chamber website

Geographic distribution of digital views

Geographic distribution of digital views